Historically, Trigenics was first in the world to combine simultaneous muscle treatment with resisted exercise.

In the early 1980's Canadian-Estonian Chiropractor / Osteopath, Dr Allan Oolo Austin (DO, DC, MND, CCSP, CCRD, RTCMP, CFIS, PhD), developed and began to work with the concept of combining trigger point therapy with patient movement. Clinical results using this concept were notably better than normal. In the early 1990's he discovered that the simultaneous application of a specific combination of neuromuscular treatment techniques produced a significant amplification of the normal therapeutic effect on his patients for a wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions. The results were much better and longer lasting than with other manual treatments in providing the patient with immediate significant pain relief along with increased strength and range of motion. He referred to this multimodal neuro-summative treatment method as "Trigenics®" to denote its 3 main components.

The name "Trigenics" was derived from the three major technique elements comprising the unique multi-modal procedures: Neurogenics (resistive exercise reflexes), Myogenics (muscle nerve sensor manipulation) and Autogenics (concentrative parasympathetic breathing). It is hypothesized that it is the result of these simultaneously applied elements and their sub-elements that creates an overload accentuated bombardment of reflexive sensorimotor input that instantly resets the way the brain sends contraction messages to the muscles and tendons. Dr. Oolo Austin has aptly defined this cumulative effect on the part of the nervous system which controls movement as "Therapeutic Neurosummation®". This is the cornerstone of Trigenics.

By 1994, Dr. Oolo Austin had refined the Trigenics multi-modal procedures and developed a system of assessing neurological muscle function so that the cause of neuromusculoskeletal conditions could be pin-pointed and precise, and effective treatment could be provided. Procedural and practical theory manuals were written and in 1998 and he formed the International Institute of Trigenics with the intent of teaching Trigenics to other practitioners. Since then Trigenics has been instructed to over 2000 Registered Trigenics Practitioners (RTP) from 25 countries worldwide including medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and specialized nurse practitioners.

For the first 10 years, Trigenics was only taught to doctors, therapists and health practitioners. In 2009, Dr. Oolo Austin began teaching a ciriculum program at Tallinn University, Department of Health and Sports Sciences to trainers and coaches. In this course, modifications were made to Trigenics for trainers involving simplified mono-modal, rather than multi-modal, procedures which were also effective in beneficially changing muscle behaviour. Due to the success of this course and the superlative enhancements experienced with Trigenics care in athletic performance, a modified Trigenics and procedures course, known as the Certified Trigenics Trainer (CTT) program was developed. The CTT program, is taught in the gym setting using exercise equipment, is designed to teach elite personal trainers and coaches how to identify and correct functional muscle imbalances, prevent injury and increase training performance. The CTT course also serves to bridge the gap between Trainers/coaches and health practitioners.