What makes Trigenics unique?

A multimodal treatment system

Trigenics is a "multimodal" treatment system. This means that Trigenics is unique in that it combines a number of different treatment "techniques" which are applied at the same time to gain a much greater effect than that which would be achieved by only applying one. Trigenics, itself, is not a treatment technique. It is a total full body assessment and treatment "system".

Patients are interactive participants

Trigenics patients are interactive participants in their own treatments, both mentally and physically. This means that with Trigenics results depend upon the patient engaging voluntary movements in very specific ways and directions against the doctors resistance to generate neurological reflexes which cause changes in their brain wave patterns.

Besides engaging in very specific movement patterns, patients also consciously participate in a number of other ways to add additional neurological impulses for a cumulative effect. Interactive patient participation also involves biofeedback in that the patient actually must learn how to stimulate the convergent neurological pathways which, in turn, will cause brain and nervous system activity to change.

Initially, it interactive participation requires practice but, once learned, it becomes relatively easy. Treatment outcome, does, however, depend on the ability of the patient to learn how to interactively engage with the doctor in a way which maximizes the effect on the nervous system.

Utilizing modern neurology

Trigenics utilizes modern western medical knowledge of neurology. By using the principles of reflexogenic neurophysiology, the "hardwiring" of the patient's own body is being utilized as an integral part of the treatment and allows for a number of other positive benefits. Simply stated, Trigenics procedures cause firing of spontaneous reflexes, which are generated by the patient's own nervous system. (Over the last ten years the Trigenics Institute has specifically mapped out these reflexes with their corresponding muscles and meridian channels.)

Utilizing modern neurology

Less pain or discomfort is experienced by Trigenics patients during treatment than by patients receiving other forms of manual medicine or deep tissue work. In using the "hardwiring" of the patient's own body, the pain signals normally associated with deep tissue therapies are "blocked out" before ever reaching the centers in the brain responsible for pain reception.

Deeper penetration

A Trigenics Practitioner can effectively penetrate deeper into the patient's tissue than other traditional manual methods such as Massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point therapy, etc. The "blocking" of pain signals enables the Trigenics Practitioner to achieve this deeper penetration without the strong reactionary "jump response" commonly elicited with other therapies. This deeper penetration is integral in producing the dramatic results of musculoskeletal pain/spasm reduction and meridian stimulation/balancing. Deeper penetration also enhances resultant range of joint motion increases.

Increased athletic performance

Athletic performance can be dramatically increased immediately post treatment with the Trigenics Sports Power Augmentation Treatment system