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Trigenics® Centers of Excellence

Trigenics® Center of Excellence denotes a practitioner who consistently demonstrates exemplary patient treatment outcomes and superlative standards of care.


Our Trigenics® procedures have revolutionized the way in which injuries, both acute and chronic, are treated. Trigenics® dramatically decreases recovery time for patients who qualify for care. So regardless of your age, regardless of the severity of your condition, or even regardless of how long you’ve suffered from your condition, if you qualify for Trigenics® treatment, you have a very high probability of pain relief within a very short period of time. Most patients experience an immediate and dramatic reduction in pain and increased strength and mobility.

Hip pain and hip muscle imbalances
Hip impingements
Post operative hip replacements
Trochanteric bursitis
Snapping hip syndrome
Weak hip muscles, strains and tendonosis (i.e glute medius or TFL)
Osteoarthritis of the hip and knee
Knee pain
Patella femoral pain syndromes
Ankle sprains & ankle impingements
Plantar fascitis
Ankle tendonosis (peroneal, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, extensor digitorum)

Frozen Shoulder – Click Here For More Info.
Rotator Cuff & Biceps Tendonosis
Shoulder Impingements
Tingling and Numbness in arms and hands
History of Shoulder Dislocation
Elbow tendonosis & elbow pain

Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow
Wrist pain, wrist sprain
Post surgical wrist fractures with limited movement
Decreased grip strength
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Finger & Thumb tendonosis
Performance: increase strength and max reps for upper limb exercises

Neck Pain and Whiplash
Lower & Mid Back Pain
Disc bulges
Spinal Joint Degeneration
Facet syndromes
Spinal rehabilitation
Headaches and Migraines
Rib pain and partial subluxations
TMJ – Temporal Mandibular, Jaw pain – Joint pain
Poor Posture
Imbalanced pelvis
Back spasms
Respiratory conditions