RTP® Distance Learning Lower Extremities Course/Seminar

lower extremities course

RTP® Distance Learning Lower Extremities Course/Seminar

$ 1,450.00

Learn the Trigenics® Knee Operation as well as other non-surgical operations to treat plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, sciatica, and more! Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office.


This course will give you the knowledge to be able to assess and treat patellofemoral pain syndrome and any other chronic pain condition of the lower extremities that stems from neuromuscular dysfunction. Upon registration in the course, we would send you the Trigenics® theory manual in PDF form, a video link to the theory DVD, then we’d ship you a lower extremities manual and lower extremities DVD. This course includes all the material in the distance learning knee course and more!


Once you feel you have studied the material sufficiently, you take an online examination. The exam is a practical exam done over Skype. An instructor will ask you to demonstrate various strength and length assessments as well as Trigenics® lengthening and strengthen procedures for 2-3 muscles.


Upon successful completion, you will be granted an RTP® (Registered Trigenics® Practitioner) designation for the lower extremities. This designation can be upgraded by attending an in-person course at a steep discount.