RTP® Theory Manual

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RTP® Theory Manual

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The RTP® (Registered Trigenics® Practitioner) theory manual is intended for doctors and health practitioners who wish to learn Trigenics® theory. It is a great tool that will illustrate exactly how Trigenics® treatments work. It also contains clear and concise definitions of Trigenics® that can be used when communicating with patients who are new to Trigenics®. You will also be able to effectively communicate to fellow health practitioners how Trigenics® treatments are able to provide amazing patient outcomes. This will increase the amount of patient referrals that will walk into your clinical practice and get the care that they deserve.

RTP® courses and materials are designed for DCs, MDs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, licensed massage therapists, and manual medicine health practitioners. CTT® (Certified Trigenics® Therapist/Trainer) courses and materials are designed for kinesiologists, yoga and pilates instructors, qualified and advanced personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength coaches, sport coaches, and health practitioner rehabilitation specialists.