Trigenics Non-Surgical Operations & Myoneural Operative Procedures

Trigenics is a revolutionary new neurological treatment system - which can rapidly relieve pain, accelerate healing, and improve muscle strength and performance. With Trigenics your nervous system is treated to reset the way your brain communicates with your body.

Trigenics Impingement Procedure (TIP) For Frozen Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

This is the world’s first manual operative procedure which cures frozen shoulder impingement syndrome in 1 visit. Frozen Shoulder Impingement Syndrome aka Shoulder Impingement Syndrome somewhat mimics Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder (AC) in that shoulder side raise (abduction) ability is limited and painful. It is much less debilitating than AC in that inward and outward rotation is generally not lost and side raising is higher and more functional. This condition still causes the patient great concern, pain and dysfunction especially in activities which involve raising the arm above the head. Most patients with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome visit numerous therapists and doctors in a usually futile attempt to resolve their condition. Estimates are that close to 1 Billion people worldwide suffer with this debilitating chronic degenerative condition which normally is only finally resolved with surgery.

Operation time: 1 hours

Trigenics Knee Operation (TKO) For “Patellofemoral” Syndrome

This is the world’s first manual operative procedure which essentially cures knee patellofemoral syndrome in 1 visit. Patellofemoral Syndrome (PS) is a common condition affecting at least 20% of the population which is characterized by pain in the knee with weight loaded bending of the knee. (Medscape) Usually chronic and difficult to treat, PS is treated with physiotherapy, medications, injections and sometimes surgery. Estimates are that there are 1 Billion people suffering with this painful and debilitating condition worldwide.

Operation time: 40 min

Oolo-Austin Trigenics Manual Capsular Dissection Procedure (OAT) For Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder

This is the world’s first safe and successful non-surgical operation which cures adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder (AC) in 1 visit. Over 300 million people worldwide suffer with this terrible debilitating condition.

Operation time: 1.5 hours