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Trigenics® is a soft-tissue manual treatment system. It is a neuromuscular assessment, treatment, and muscle retraining system. As a function of aging, or perhaps as a result of an injury, neurological muscular imbalances can be present in a person’s body whereby the nervous system isn’t sending proper signals to the muscles. This can result in lasting pain and disability. Trigenics® is a manual treatment system that addresses and corrects these neuromuscular imbalances.


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Simply put, if you have some kind of neuromuscular imbalance (often the root cause of pain, immobility, and disability) Trigenics® treatments restore the normal communication between the nervous system and your muscles. If you have muscles that are really tight. This means that they are receiving too many signals. Trigenics® lengthens those muscles. If you have muscles that are not firing properly or aren’t receiving the proper signals, those muscles are functionally weak. Trigenics® strengthens those muscles.


The Arthrostim and the Vibracussor are optional instruments that aid a practitioner in performing Trigenics® treatments. The instruments enhance mechanoreceptor stimulation. They can also alleviate muscle strain in a practitioner’s hands when treating many patients a day.


No, the instruments are entirely optional. In fact, we highly recommend that when a practitioner is first learning Trigenics® procedures that they just use their hands. This is because there is a fair bit of palpation and finesse skills that need to be learned before moving on to equipment.


The gloves make Trigenics® treatments more effective. They enhance mechanoreceptor distortion by decreasing slide variance. The masks are for patient-practitioner hygienic purposes. If a practitioner and patient are in close quarters with each other, the masks prevent saliva and other fluids from being transferred.


This isn’t really a question, but yes! There are a lot of abbreviations that appear on our course listing page and elsewhere on the site. Read on to see what each of the major abbreviations stand for.


AFNI stands for the American Functional Neurology Institute. AFNI is headed by Dr. Andy Barlow, senior Trigenics® instructor and chiropractic neurologist. Dr. Barlow teaches AFNI courses and we list those courses on our course listing page. AFNI courses are different from Trigenics® courses.


FNEC is short for Functional Neurology Elite Coaching. FNEC is also known as Trigenics® Plus Coaching. FNEC is a service wherein subscribers get clinic growth and income enhancement coaching as well as unlimited FREE Trigenics® courses. Subscribers also get website development, social media marketing, marketing and promotional materials, and more! Click here for more information


AFNI courses are taught by Dr. Barlow, senior Trigenics® instructor and chiropractic neurologist. AFNI courses are different from Trigenics® courses.

AFNI Trigenics® courses are also taught by Dr. Barlow and are Trigenics® courses with some additional income enhancement content.

Trigenics® courses are taught by various instructors. There are five main Trigenics® courses: Upper Extremities, Mid-Body and Spine, Lower Extremities, Shoulder, and Knee.


For more information on Trigenics® courses and/or the Trigenics® treatment system, please contact us by phone at 416-481-1957 or email institute@trigenics.com!