Trigenics® Advanced Seminar

Trigenics® Advanced Seminar

$ 998.00

Instructor: Dr. Allan Oolo Austin
Founder of Trigenics® Functional Neurology




New Advanced Procedures (TS & TL)

  • Clinical Gems for the Extremities
  • Vibrational Instrumentation for PDM (includes Arthrostim and Vibrocussor Applications)
  • Bread and Butter procedures for the Spine
  • Trigenics® Manipulation (TM)
  • Trigenics® Eccentric Contraction (TEC) Procedures
  • Spiral Diagonal (SD) Procedures
  • Injury treatment and prevention
  • Sport Power Augmentation (TA)
  • Self Trigenics® treatment procedures  for patients
  • Trigenics® neurokinetic rehab exercises for patients
  • Trigenics® taping
  • Trigenics® Practice Management

 1 day, 8 hours – Distance Learning

10 am-7 pm – Practical (In Person)

 Course registration includes:

  • Advanced Procedures DVD
  • Clinical Applications Manual.