Study privately with Dr. Allan Oolo Austin – The Founder of Trigenics®

For the first time ever in history, trainers will now have the ability to conduct regional and global neurokinetic mapping assessments enabling them to determine weak and short muscles and tailor make training programs according to their findings. This leading edge technology will finally bridge the gap between all types of trainers and sports doctors/therapists enabling them to clearly communicate with these specialized health-care professionals.

Workshops include the Theoretical science of Trigenics® followed by Trigenics® Neurokinetic testing procedures and mapping using the principles of orthopedic muscle testing for inhibition or over-facilitation.

Related functional anatomy, neurological innervations, aberrant movement patterns and clinical overviews are discussed.

Specific protocols for treatment of individual muscles will be demonstrated.   


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Workshop fees are eligible to apply towards becoming a Certified Trigenics® Trainer