Dr. Allan Austin, DC, DNM, CCSP®, CCRD - President

Dr. Allan Oolo Austin is the originator of Trigenics. He began formulating Trigenics® in the 1980's and developed the formal system of Trigenics® in 1994 in Los Angeles.

Dr. Austin graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He is a Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Examiners and sits on the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners. He is also the owner of the Trigenics® Chiropractic and Rehab group of clinics. Dr Austin also holds a doctorate in neurokinetics.

(See Dr. Allan Austin's biography)


Dr. Norman Bethune Allan, DC, RTP, Ph.D. - Director of Clinical Science and Research

Dr. Norman Bethune Allan graduated as a doctor of chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1986. He received his Ph.D. in neuroscience (Sussex 1970), studied central control of motor behavior. Over the past 15 years he has been involved in practicing, teaching and studying various aspects of complimentary medicine.

From 1984 to 1993 Dr. Allan was engaged in research with Dr. Bruce Pomeranz Ph.D. at the University of Toronto into a wide variety of topics in Alternative Medicine including Acupuncture, Bioelectricity, Wound Healing, Food Sensitivity, and Homeopathy. More recently he was involved in designing a study of Gaston Naessens work with darkfield microscopy and 714-X, and is presently developing a clinical trial to study the management of osteoarthritis through nutrition. In 2000, Dr. Allan joined the Trigenics® Institute where he became a lecturer and researcher, as well as scientific adviser.

Dr. George Painvin, MD, FRCSC – Director Autogenic Sciences

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

  • Fellow of the Canadian Heart Transplantation Society

  • Fellow of the Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons

  • Director of the Toronto Stress Institute

Dr. Painvin lectures on Autogenics and serves as a research consultant and advisor for the
Institute on Autogenic sciences.  

Dr. David Perly, MD, LAc, CCFP - Director of Myomeridian Medicine 

and Member of the Board of Governors

Dr. David Perley graduated from the McGill University Medical School Program in 1986 and completed the Family Medicine Residency at McGill in 1988. From 1990 to 1999, Dr. Perley was an Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University. From 2000 to present, he has served as an Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto.

In 1992, Dr. Perley studied acupuncture at the International Acupuncture Training Institute in Beijing, China.

Dr. Perley joined the faculty of the Trigenics® Institute in 2001. He is a licensed and practicing acupuncturist, and he teaches the principles of acupuncture as they apply to Trigenics® Myomeridian Medicine.

Igor Klibanov, Personal Trainer - Ontario Director

Igor Klibanov is the author of two books, titled Unlimited Progress: How You Can Unlock Your Body's Potential as well as STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now. 7 Dangerous Facts That Will Backfire and Cause You to Stay Fat or Hurt Yourself.

He is the CEO of one of Toronto's premier personal training companies, Fitness Solutions Plus, and was selected as one of the top 5 personal trainers in Toronto by the Metro News newspaper.

If you'd like to learn more about Igor, visit www.FitnessSolutionsPlus.ca


Dr. Lorraine Urbina D.C., R.T.P., Licensed Esthetician - Regional Director California

Dr. Loraine Urbina is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Registered Trigenics® Practitioner (2004), and a Licensed Esthetician. Dr. Urbina co-produced with Dr. Alan Oolo Austin many of the Trigenics® educational DVDs. She has been in private practice in Southern California since 1984. She finds great joy in bringing a renewed sense of confidence, self-esteem and vitality to her patients.
Dr. Urbina is the Founder of the Trigenics® Natural Facial Enhancement. It is a painless, rejuvenating and relaxing procedure, based on Trigenics® Functional Neurology Procedures, that immediately results in lifting and tightening the small muscles of the face and neck.


Dr. John De Finney, BSc, DC, FCCSS(C), FIIT - Director of Sport Sciences

Dr. John De Finney is a chiropractor with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Specialty in Sports Chiropractic. He graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in 1976. He is also one of the founding members of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences and one of its first three Fellows. He is the clinic director of a multidisciplinary practice in Markham. Dr. De Finney is also a world-class age-group runner who has published journal papers and articles on the topic on running. "The Running Chiropractor" has recently joined the Trigenics® Institute and serves as a research consultant with specific interest in running and sport injuries and rehabilitation as it applies to the Trigenics® principles.

(See Dr. John De Finney's biography)

Dr. Seymour Pisarek, DC, RTP, FIIT - Director of Rehabilitation

Dr. Seymour Pisarek is a 1981 CMCC graduate practicing Chiropractic and Trigenics® at Pro-Fit Sports Performance Enhancement and Rehabilitation Facility located at York University, Toronto, Ontario. He is the team Doctor in charge of athletic performance enhancement for the Beatrice Aeros, of the NWHL (National Womens Hockey League). He has also treated numerous Golf Professionals and instructors from top Ontario Golf courses, and Hong Gao, goalie for the New York Power soccer team and Republic of China, as well as top ranking NHL players from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, Boston Bruins, and Phoenix Coyotes.

Dr. Pisarek has published articles with Alternative Medicine Digest, "Reversing Back Pain with Chiropractic", and Canadian Chiropractor, Volume 6, No. 1, February 2001, "Rhomboid Decelerator Dysfunction Syndrome."
He presently sits on the Board of Directors of the Trigenics® Institute and is a faculty member and research consultant for the Institute with a specific interest in rotational sports injury and rehabilitation.

Dr. Christian Guenette, BSc, DC, RTP - Regional Director of Western Canada

Dr. Christian Guenette is a chiropractor with over 10 years of education in the field of human health and wellness. In addition, he has over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, and 2 years as a practicing Chiropractor. Dr. Guenette is licensed to practice chiropractic in the province of B.C., and is qualified to practice in Canada and the United States.

Christian has always been fascinated with the human body and human health potential. In particular, the incredible innate ability that the body possesses to heal itself has intrigued him, and has led him to pursue a career in chiropractic - and has led him to become certified as a Registered Trigenics® Practitioner and Instructor.

(See Dr. Christian Guenette's biography)

Dr. Martin Zollinger D.C.

Dr. Martin Zollinger studied Exercise Science at the University of British Colombia prior to graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Zollinger is fully certified in Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, and a certified Trigenics practitioner.

After a career in professional athletics, Dr Zollinger gravitated towards Chiropractic, having experienced firsthand its dramatic results. Working with professional athletes such as the Vancouver Canucks while at the University of British Colombia helped to solidify this decision.

Dr. Richard M. Cleland, BA, DC, RTP, CPTI, FTIMM

Dr. Richard M. Cleland received his bachelor degree from Trinity Western University in 1997.Here, Dr. Cleland’s studies focused largely upon the scientific and educational factors that are integral in both the cognitive and physical realm of human learning, health and well being.  Dr. Cleland graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with the distinction of   “Doctor of Chiropractic”. 

(See Dr. Richard Cleland's biography)

Dr. Michael Egan - Hon. BHK, M.Chiro, RTP – Australian Regional Director, Teaching Faculty

Dr. Michael Egan obtained an Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics – Movement Science, Co-op degree from the University of Windsor in Ontario, where he also competed a few years for the Windsor Lancers Cross-Country and Track & Field teams. During his studies he majored and worked in Industrial Ergonomics for companies such as Honda MFG of Canada, DaimlerChrysler and St. Joseph’s Health Care.
Having experienced firsthand both Chiropractic and Trigenics excellent results, he continued on to become a Chiropractor, graduating from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia in 2009, and obtained his RTP in Canada in 2006. In addition to his studies down under, he has run Trigenics operations in Australia, hosting several RTP and Shoulder Workshop courses for Doctors and Physiotherapists from around the country.
Dr. Egan is a member of the CAA, COCA, Sports Chiropractic Australia, and is currently practicing in Sydney at Elevate Performance and Health Centre (www.elevateperformance.com.au).

Dr. Philippa Coomes - Teaching Faculty

Physiotherapist, RTP, Strength and Conditioning specialist, Certified Sarah Key Practitioner

Currently works as a physiotherapist in Sydney, Australia. She has a particular interest in tennis and tennis related injuried.
She has a Masters degree in strength and conditioning as well as a Level 2 ASCA strength and conditioning qualification.
Dr. Coomes has also undertaken numerous post graduate courses such as Trigenics, Sarah Key method, LJ Lee sporting pelvis,
dry needling, muscle energy techniques, Kinesio taping and more.

Dr. Kevin Hooper - Teaching Faculty

Dr. Raul Cadagan -President of the Argentinean National Association of Chiropractor (ANAQ) and 1st. Argentinean Certified Trigenist.


(See Dr. Raul Cadagan's biography)

Dr. Linsay Clement, Hons BSc (Kin), DC


Dr. Lindsay Clement joined Trigenics® Institute in January 2010.

Tze-wei Lim, BSc, NASM, ART, RTP Certified ART Provider and Trigenics Physician


Dr. Tze-wei Lim recently joined the Trigenics® Institute in January 2010.

Dr. Linda Drake, Foundation for Integrated Health


Dr. Linda Drake joined the Trigenics® Institute in January 2002.

Dr. Robert Boulaine - Teaching Faculty


Catherine von Thumann 
Dr. Maria Stoilov, DC

Thuy (Twee) Bridges - Physiotherapist, Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Sarah Keys Practitioner, RTP.

Thuy is the director of two Sydney-based physiotherapy clinics. She divides her time between teaching courses to health professionals in Australia and New Zealand and managing a clinical case load.

She has been the instructor trainer for anatomy and physiology in the Pilates Method for YMCA and Fitness First, has presented at various physiotherapy and fitness leaders' conferences and is the most experienced and up to date Kinesio Taping instructor in Australasia.

Thuy has undertaken postgraduate University study in Diagnostic Ultrasound retraining for low back pain, pelvic floor and incontinence. She has also been involved with University research in this area and is a clinical supervisor of final year students from the University of Sydney.

Also trained in Craniosacral Technique, Muscle Energy Technique, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Yoga, Thuy embraces the ability to integrate eastern and western manual therapies for an ultimately comprehensive and superior effect.


Dr. Philip Mcallister - Teaching Faculty

Dr. Nino Sonsini

Sandeep Sra   B.Ed
Graduated Bachelor of Education From University of Alberta 1999
International Director of Student affairs Trigenics® Institute

Dr. John Moore - Teaching Faculty


Dr. Steve Yen - Teaching Faculty


Dr. James Fung - Teaching Faculty