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Dr. Oolo Austin is available to teach privately if the schedules can be coordinated.

Private Trigenics training fees are as follows:

1 day 1 student max $4,000
2 days 2 students max $7,000
3 days 4 students max $10,000

The full body RTP material can be taught to these numbers of students in the allocated number of days. The most intense and best training is available in the 1 day, single student seminar as most procedures are practiced on Dr. Austin himself (some procedures may also be done on his teaching assistants) In this way, the student learns first hand with constant feedback from the founder on his or her technique. All students having studied this way have become exemplary Trigenists. The 2 day, 2 student training is quite close and also provides close singular attention. Not as many procedures are performed on Dr Austin himself as the students have each other to practice on. They do, however, receive Dr Austins undivided personal attention for each procedure and will practice on Dr. Austin himself still frequently. Students having studied this way have also turned out to be exemplary. In these private courses, Dr. Austin also teaches his latest and most effective procedures, cutting to the chase with the cream of the crop. The 1 or 2 day private training courses are strictly limited to only 1 or 2 students. The 3 day, 3 or 4 student course is also excellent and still provides more than sufficient private training and practice on the founder for students to come away with a much higher knowledge and skill than those taking the regular RTP program en-masse.