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The Triggerizer

The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is uniquely designed to enable you to effectively apply the required pressure to pressure points throughout the body. It feels like a thumb and the body of the unit is comfortable to hold.

Save your thumbs - use the Triggerizer.

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The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is an amazing self-healing tool that is used to release those unwanted stressful tight muscles INSTANTLY! It requires no batteries and comes with a valuable pressure point chart allowing you to effectively apply relief or improvement to your aching muscles.


The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit contains a soothing rubber tip, which feels like a soft smooth human thumb. Simply place the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit in the palm of your hand, PRESS, HOLD, & RELEASE to obtain the marvelous sensation of being energized, revitalized and rejuvenated.

You can enjoy the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit in the comfort of your home, while you are traveling – use it on your own or with a partner at any time at your convenience.

For as little as 15-20 minutes a day, you, your family, and friends and even your PRECIOUS PET can achieve great results with a product “THAT WORKS” and “THAT’S WHAT COUNTS”.

The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is a SIMPLE, SAFE, & EFFECTIVE way to keep you and everyone you love in perfect health!

The healing touch of the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit reduces tension, improves circulation, and enables the body to relax deeply. By relieving stress, the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness. This remarkable tool can complement your medical care, by enabling you to take the vital role in becoming and staying well.

The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is the intelligent alternative to being able to help yourself and others without costly equipment and any risk of side effects.

You can trust your Triggerizer™ acupressure unit to lead you to a new dimension of well being – not only to be able to work actively and improve your overall health, but to expand your awareness of your own inner healing power and energy.

Turn off the phone, put on some soft music, light a candle, take a few deep relaxing breaths and get started to experience the marvelous healing power of your Triggerizer™ acupressure unit. As your nervous system releases ENDORPHINS (the body’s natural pain killers) - you are on your way to distance yourself from the STRESSES and TENSION of daily living.

Amazing things happen to people who use the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit, isn’t it time you give the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit a try?


A Must In:

  And people for all agesand Lifestyles

Perfect For:

  Personal, Home, Office
  Chiropractic office
  Health Club
  Nursing Home/Hospice
  Health Club/Fitness Centre
  Therapist's Home Office
Perfect For:

  Personal, Home, Office
  Chiropractic office
  Health Club
  Nursing Home/Hospice
  Health Club/Fitness Centre
  Therapist's Home Office
Beneficial in the Treatment of:

  Arthritis and Rheumatism
  Pre-menstrual Syndrome
  Strains or Sprains
  Muscle Spasm
  Neck, Shoulder, or Back Pain
  Athletic Injuries
  Menstrual Problems
  Emotional Distress
  Spastic Colon
  Post-operation Rehabilitation

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