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1-Restore Balance
2-Renew Fat Burning
3-Redefine Performance

OTG 3 Day System
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Delivers an all natural juice cleanse system right to your door!

 OTG3 delivers a cleanse experience that will gently cleanse and heal your body without the harsh “detox”symptoms associated with other Cleanses. It takes only 15 minutes for your body to feel the effects of our hydraulically fresh-pressed cleanse juices. Immediately infuse your digestive system with natural enzymes, speed up your metabolism, boost your energy and arm your immune system with powerful antioxidants that allow your digestive system to take an OTG3 break , Our cleanse juices have been scientifically tested to ensure the highest quality nutrients.

 Our juices are always freshly made with same day delivery.

 Is your body in balance?

 At OTG3 we understand a hectic lifestyle can result in a body out of balance which may affect your energy levels, digestion, metabolism, weight loss, performance , mental clarity and overall health. Stress, travel toxins, medications, over-training and a lack of exercise, combined with a diet lacking the nutrients your body needs will throw off your pH balance.

Now you can test if your body is in balance with the added benefits of our PH testing kit 3 step guide program. This test before and after your cleanse will demonstrate the reduction of toxins as a result of using an OTG3 cleanse. The PH testing kit is simple and easy to use with our comprehensive 3 step guide. Every 3 day cleanse includes an after cleanse nutrition and fitness guide because it never ends with OTG3!

Whether you’re an athlete or an executive, a fast foodie or a raw foodie, everyone needs to press the reset button once in a while. OTG3 offers a systematic approach of 3 cleanse plans designed to suit your health and fitness goals.

By relieving the body of its usual digestive duties and supported with the nutrients your body needs from our vital living juices, your body gently and safely begins to shed excess weight, clear out imbalances and unlock newfound energy.


Begin with our Restore foundation cleanse, Renew your fat burning with our Acai cleanse or Redefine with our performance cleanse-OTG3 delivers results!

Cleanse between meals as a healthy supplement, cleanse until dinner or try our full day cleanse programs for maximum results!

And, you’re never alone on your OTG3 journey! We’re always here to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with support by either email or phone. 

Begin today by ordering your OTG3 cleanse!



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