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FootMaxx Orthotic Products

Custom Orthotics Products

Footmaxx, custom foot orthotics can be made from the digitized data translated through the Metascan system (as mentioned in our Diagnostics section) or from static casts. Our custom labs manufacture orthotics from static casts by pouring a positive plaster cast and then vacuum-forming material to form the corrective orthotic module.



Custom Brace Products

Our custom brace products include Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO’s) that are of unique design and architecture. Our ankle products are designed to deal with problems ranging from drop foot to very specific ankle instabilities.



Non-Prescription Products

Our large selection of non-prescription products fit many needs. Our non-prescription braces are used for intermittent or temporary joint problems when custom fit products are not required.

We have a brace for every need.

  • Ankle Braces
  • Upper/Lower Extremity Supports
  • Foot Insoles

Non-prescription foot insoles are recommended as a secondary pair, for temporary use, acute care or an inexpensive alternative to custom orthotics.




Our extensive footwear line incorporates brand name products and provides a complete therapeutic regime when matched with custom foot orthotics. A custom foot orthotic is specifically fit to the footwear to provide comprehensive orthotic therapy for the patient. Our footwear line includes therapeutic, orthopaedic and comfort shoes, sandals and boots for every activity and lifestyle.



Casting Services

Our vacuum forming division uses a variety of materials to manufacture a broad range of custom foot and ankle orthoses.  We receive negative casts from clinicians made from plaster strips, STS or impression foam.  The negative casts are poured with plaster creating a positive cast that is corrected to reflect the clinician’s instructions prior to forming the device.  A range of materials from rigid to flexible is molded to achieve the desired characteristics of the final product.    Footmaxx also provides casting supplies and shipping boxes to ensure a turnkey solution.



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