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Back Vitalizer

Improve your sitting posture and increase the height and strength of your discs

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Within 3 seconds when you use the revolutionary Back Vitalizer 500, you will notice your …

  • Sitting posture improved

  • Deep low back and core muscles activated

  • Sense of balance and body coordination exercised.

What other benefits does Back Vitalizer 500 offer you?

It helps ...

  • make you sitting more therapeutic and comfortable,

  • strengthen your deep low back and core muscles,

  • improve your sense of balance and body coordination,

  • relieve your low back pressure, tension and end-of-day fatigue due to prolonged sitting in offices, classrooms, theatres, stadiums or cars.

Who will benefit the most from Back Vitalizer 500?

  • office workers,

  • college students,

  • commuters and drivers,

  • athlets,

  • back pain or back injury sufferers,

  • wheelchair users,

  • seniors, and

  • arthritis patients.

Where can you use the Back Vitalizer 500?

  • at home,

  • at work,

  • at college,

  • in theatres,

  • in stadiums,

  • in cars,

  • in airplanes,

  • in hot tubs.

What is the Back Vitalizer™ made of?

  • Satinium™ fabric: Back Vitalizers are made of the exclusive Perspectis Satinium™ fabric that is

    a. Soft yet tough: tender to any part of your body, yet can take world's heaviest weight of human body
    b. Medical quality: Non-allergenic, mildew/fungal-resistant, comforting to even the most sensitive skin
    c. Fire retardant: meets North American Motor Vehicle Flame Retardance Standard (MVSS 302 Standard)
    d. Easy cleaning: soap water will remove virtually every thing, even red wine stain dried for many hours
    e. -30C Cold crack proof: can be used all year long, in doors and out doors
    f. Water proof: Back Vitalizer goes anywhere you go, … even in water, and drys fast ... within 60 min!

  • Thin-Air-Shield™ technology: each one of the Back Vitalizers is build with this unique technology. The thin-air-shield created by two soft and tough layers of shell lends Back Vitalizers their unparalleled luxurious soft yet rich touch and feel. It also lends Back Vitalizers their superb capacity of retaining heat - twice as long as traditional hot water bottles. The Back Vitalizer can maintain heat for up to 12 hours!

  • Ergon-Flex™ spacer: All Back Vitalizers are build with this exclusive patent pending technology that allows superb ease of use, ultra light weight and 100% ergonomic confomation to your body, actually to any body, at any time - guaranteed!

  • Halkey-Roberts Leak Proof Valve: All valves on Back Vitalizers are genuine medical grade Halkey Roberts valves with its legendary patented Roberts Leak Proof Tension Ring and Pressure Dome technology. The finest valves in the world and made in the USA.

  • Adams Safety Suction Cup: With each Back Vitalizer you buy, comes a genuine Adams Safety Suction Cup with its unique patented Light-Diffusing Safety Ring technology. You can hang your Back Vitalizer up on the hook of the cup virtually anywhere you wish.

  • Multipurpose Ring: made of genuine solid brass - never to rust - guaranteed!

  • Military Grade Craftsmanship: All Back Vitalizers are handcrafted by the same masters who handcraft the “super silent and invisible diving equipment” for the Norwegian Marine and ‘gentle air flow beds’ for sever burn patients for the finest hospitals across the USA

  • Life Time Warranty: What’s the result of the superb materials, technologies and craftsmanship? A LIFTE TIME WARRANTY for every Back Vitalizer! We are so confident that your Back Vitalizer will never fail during YOUR life time, and we back it up with our Life Time Warranty for every one of the Back Vilalizers your buy! You not only get a unique product but also a peace of mind - a life long peace of mind!

Our continued research shows that the Back Vitalizer™ 500 is ...

  • the only product that trains and maintains your healthy posture while you sit,

  • the only product that exercises and supports your low back while you sit, and

  • the only product that you can use comfortably through out the day.

    fabric: exclusive Satinium™ Medical Fabric
    colour: elegant Champaign colour (fits in any environment)
    size: 15" x 9" x 3 1/2"; one size fits all bodies
    Equaly good for men and women.

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