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Frozen Shoulder

When I first heard about the OAT I was were sceptical, especially as I had a frozen shoulder before and needed to have surgery. Before that I had at least 6 month of PT without success. So I got some more information about the OAT and decided to go for it instead of having another surgery (different shoulder though). I don’t do well with anaesthesia and wanted to avoid it. The pain was a lot and the recovery time took about 6 month. After I first met Dr. Austin and he did his assessment and worked a bit on my shoulder I was already able to move my arm more freely. When I came back from having local anaesthesia done I met another patient in the waiting room. She had the procedure done the day before and she and her husband were very positive. She was able to move her arm all the way up again and was glad that the pain was gone. This experience helped me when going in the room for my procedure. The procedure itself was even quicker as I first thought and the result was visible right away. The most important thing was that the excrutiating pain was gone immediately. I was in pain, but in a different way and a bearable amount of pain. I was able to move my arm all the way up, it was weak, but it moved. I was quite exhausted, but glad it was finally over. The exercises had to be done every hour and were not even difficult to do, just a tiny bit at the end of the motion range. But even that I could accomplish after practising a bit and taking the pain medication. My first noticeable success was when I tried to adjust the shower head in the hotel room the next morning with both hands, without even noticing that I was using both arms. I was just standing in the shower – smiling. Since then everything is getting better each day. The hotel had a pool and the next day I did try most of the exercises in the pool which made it even easier to do. I am glad I decided to do the OAT. Compared to the surgery where I had to be on pain pills for quite some time and do very painful exercises I did not have that much motion until at least 6 weeks after the surgery. But the OAT gave it to me within a few hours.

Melanie B., Durham, NC


Frozen Shoulder

Dr. Allen Oolo Austin,

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for helping me finally get relief from my frozen shoulder problem after an 8 years wait.  I have had many x-rays and MRI's done over the years and the most anyone could find was a little bit of tendonitis.  It was not until about 6 months ago that a physical therapist I was going to suggested to have my Dr. check me again for frozen shoulder. My Dr. finally did some test and determined that I did have frozen shoulder. I tried many month of deep tissue massage and physical therapy with little results. Other Drs. I went to only wanted to do surgery on my shoulder. Through a bunch of research I found your Trigenics web site and watched a few of your You Tube videos.  Most people I spoke to said that it was impossible to fix frozen shoulder in one day.  However, since I did not want surgery, I figured it was worth a shot to see if your OAT procedure would actually work. Right after the short procedure I could not believe I had full range of motion back. Its been 8 years since my shoulder has felt this great!!  If it was not for you and your OAT procedure, I don't know what I would of done. You are one AWESOME Dr. with one AWESOME staff.  Thanks for giving me my life back. I will recommend you to everyone I see.  Thanks so much!!!

James Carson


Frozen Shoulder

My name is Sherri. I had frozen shoulder for almost 2 years. I went to see my family medical doctor and he had sent me for an ultrasound but, they didn't see anything in the ultrasound and because, I had so much pain my doctor suggested to me that I have to start physiotherapy. And so, after almost 13 months of pain and disability, I started
physiotherapy. It was a terrible experience because after 2 sessions the pain became much worse than before and I became so disabled that I then couldn’t do anything with my left hand. The physiotherapy made me so much worse that, afterwards, it was almost impossible for me to do any easy task. Finally, after I had been suffering with this terrible condition for nearly 2 years, I was searching through the internet again to see if there was a cure for frozen shoulder.

Thank God, I finally found Dr. Allan Oolo Austin and his Trigenics OAT special procedure to cure frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis. After I watched all the videos, and how those people got cured from frozen shoulder after only one visit with Dr. Oolo Austin , I immediately made an appointment to go to his Trigenics Frozen Shoulder Clinic so that I could see him. After looking at all my medical reports and my Xrays and after a very thorough special frozen shoulder examination, he told me that I was a good candidate for his operation. I underwent the OAT frozen shoulder non-surgical operation for my condition 4 days ago and now, I can finally move my left hand and arm again above my head for the first time in 2 years! Thank you so much Dr. Allan Oolo Austin for giving me my life back and everything you did for me.

God bless you!


 Frozen Shoulder

I suffered with Frozen Shoulder for almost a Year!

I have been suffering with frozen shoulder symptoms for almost a year. After my diagnosis I tried various physiotherapists, without any results. My hand didn't move at all – It was difficult to put on clothes and wash my hair – my life was completely disrupted.

Then i learned about the OAT procedure. We made the operation and the day after my hand was completely mobile! There was some pain at the beginign, but now I'm very-very happy.

My hand moves and I have my life back!

Tallinn, Estonia


OAT procedure

To whom it may concern,

my visit and treatment for a 'Frozen Shoulder" adhesive capsulitis at Dr. Allan Oolo Austin's Trigenics Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Toronto was professional and personable. The staff was understanding and helpful, describing in detail what the operative procedure and follow-up would entail. Since I was traveling all the way from Tucson, Arizona, it was very important for me to receive professional, specialized and effective care which I could not receive anywhere else.

Dr. Austin is obviously an expert and very experienced with this complicated condition. No one else in the world seems to have a cure for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder but in one visit with his "OAT" procedure he was able to restore a range of motion to my shoulder which is more than amazing.


Back pain

I went to Dr. Austin for chronic low back pain and stiffness which I sustained during a car accident in 2006. In ONE treatment session, Dr. Austin was able to relieve me of my chronic low back pain and increase my energy and clarity with a brilliant spinal manipulation.

I was not only in awe at the speed at which Trigenics was able to relieve my pain and increase my mobility but I am even more impressed at the SUSTAINABILITY of the results from the treatment!

I woke up the very next morning and wrote a letter of gratitude to Dr. Austin because for the very first time in a very long time - I woke up with no pain or stiffness in my entire spine!

Having been a Physical Therapist now for over 12 years, I have met and worked with some really good physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other allied health professionals, but I have never met the likes of Dr. Austin. I believe Dr. Austin is in a class of his own. He is a truly GIFTED healer.

Vinh LU, BscPT, Registered Physical Therapist


Frozen Shoulder

Hello . My name is Frank Genua. I would like to share my story.

Everyday life issues are always difficult. Work, bills, family, children,
etc. along  with all these comes stressful moments. Everyone goes through
it. Imagine waking up in the morning and taking a shower. A simple task
right? Not for me. I would have to bend my head to wash my hair because I
could not lift my arms over my head.
Imagine putting a shirt on in the morning and pulling it down with your arms
with excruciating pains.
Imagine closing your front door and feeling pain by simply pulling the door
closed to be able to turn the key.
Imagine getting into your vehicle every morning going to work and simply
putting on a seat belt with one arm and feel like you are going to cry with
that pain of reaching all day.
Imagine not being able get off the sofa without rolling over because your
arms don't have the strength to push you up as it simply hurts way to much.
And one of the most important things to me, is I have a six year old boy who
loves to sleep with me by my side. Imagine not being able to hug or hold him
in bed as this simply made me cry with pain.

People, this is something I have been dealing with for a year. It's a
disease called Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder.   This is just a few of
the things I have dealt with. There are many more. It has been 2 days since
my procedure and I am waving my arms way up in the air! Just 2 hours after
my procedure my arms were way up over my head. I am doing hourly stretches
and all the things mentioned above simply one day after I am doing once
again pain free.  It is really a miracle what has happened to me!
A medical phenomenon really which is called TRIGENICS by Dr. Allan Austin
Oolo! This incredible doctor has saved me from my discomfort and pains over
the past year and from all the future years of disability  I would have had
to suffer.  His medical team has helped me and have been nothing but a
pleasure to deal with. I suffered for one year with none of the many doctors
I attended being able to  tell me what was wrong with my arms and shoulders.
As early as three weeks (August 2014) ago I finally discovered that I had
the terrible "frozen Shoulder". I started searching feverently to see if
there was any solutions, any cures. I found nothing until I came across a
YouTube video. I listened to some of the people in the videos via internet
and when I saw all these other people who were suffering just like me it
affected me heavily. Then when I saw how they had been cured by Dr. Oolo
Austin,  I simply started to cry watching this with my girlfriend. It was
Dr. O!!! I was suffering the same thing as them and I also wanted to be
cured.  I had my consultation booked with Dr. O within a week and within a
week after that I was able to be booked for my OAT Frozen Shoulder procedure
due to a cancellation. 
I can now tell you that, now as I write this, 2 days after the OAT
operation, it is a total success! I only still have a little discomfort at
the ends of my ranges of motion. I would like to follow up in the future to
ensure you all how I am doing as there is no doubt in my mind I will be
completely cured in the same way as all the others I see on youtube.

Thanks to all who have read my brief story here and if you have a frozen
shoulder or just pains anywhere and don't have an answer for them, you need
to see this miracle worker!

Thanks Dr. O!

Best, Frank Genua

Shoulder pain

Dear Dr. Allan Oolo Austin,

Prior to the OAT procedure I was suffering from “Adhesive Capulitis” Frozen Shoulder. I was in excruciating pain day and night and unable to sleep. I had no range of motion in my left arm. As an artist I was unable to paint or do simple daily activities. For the last three months I had numerous massages and physiotherapy treatments. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who told me I would need surgery and was given multiple pain medications that was making me sick. I ended up at the ER with dangerously high blood pressure 220-113 rapid heartbeat 109. I felt like I was dying. Since I didn’t want any surgery I decided to seek treatments with Dr. Allan Oolo Austin.

I was skeptical at first; however, after extended research on Dr. Austin I knew I made the right decision. I flew from Florida to Toronto to the Trigenics Clinic for an assessment. Dr. Austin’s incredibly good bed side manners, the friendly staff and atmosphere of the clinic gave me confidence to have the OAT procedure.

Minutes after the OAT procedure sitting down with no surgery, magic happened. I could raise my arm above my head and regain functional range of motion. Dr. Austin is for real, he actually cures frozen shoulders. While at the Trigenics clinic with my follow up, a constant flow of patients were coming from all over the world for frozen shoulders. Everyone who had the OAT procedure came out with big smiles moving their affected arms. It was astounding to watch. Thank you Dr. Oolo Austin for taking care of me and finally after three months you gave me my life back.

Forever grateful,
Lyne St. Amand


Low Back Pain

I went to Dr. Austin for chronic low back pain and stiffness which I sustained during a car accident in 2006. In ONE treatment session, Dr. Austin was able to relieve me of my chronic low back pain and  increase my energy and clarity with a brilliant spinal manipulation.


I was not only in awe at the speed at which Trigenics was able to relieve  my  pain and increase my mobility  but I am even more  impressed at the SUSTAINABILITY of the results from the treatment!


I woke up the very next morning  and wrote a letter  of gratitude to Dr. Austin because for the very first time in a very long  time -  I woke up with no  pain or stiffness in my entire spine! 


Having been a Physical Therapist now for over 12 years, I have met and worked with some really good physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other allied health professionals, but I have never met the likes of Dr. Austin.  I believe Dr. Austin is in a class of his own.  He is a truly GIFTED healer.


Vinh, BscPT, Registered Physical Therapist



November 2, 2013

To anyone suffering with frozen shoulder,

I went this week through a unique experience. I traveled with my wife from Isreal to Estonia to see shoulder expert, Dr. Allan Austin Oolo who had developed the OAT-MCD procedure to cure frozen shoulder. When meeting Dr. Oolo and his assistant Vivika,  I was exposed to ultimate professionalism and, at the same time, unparalleled personal attention and care.

I have been suffering for the last six month from a severe “adhesive capsulitis” commonly known as “frozen shoulder”.  My shoulder could not move almost at all in any direction and I was in constant pain for the last half year. I was in a terrible state.
I consulted with top specialists in our country who, more or less gave the same opinion: 'you have to learn to cope with it, and maybe, hopefully, it will "melt" whithin1-2 years'.
Practically this meant for me 24/7 of continuous pain, limitation of basic body movements and severe deterioration of my life quality.

I tried all types of treatments including extensive physiotherapy, massage and even  injections, however I just suffered from a worsening of my condition and further deterioration. Even the best therapists in Israel could not help me. . It seemed that no one could help me. 

Fortunately, my daughter came up with Dr. Allan Austin Oolo's name when searching the internet for an aid and solution to my terrible situation.. She told me that she had researched his novel frozen shoulder procedure which had helped so many other patients who had flown to see him from  all over the world in the last 10 years. Initially, the idea to fly to Tallinn Estonia for a treatment that is world exclusive sounded somewhat risky.
The fact is, however, that Dr. Oolo’s personality as he appeared in the You Tube videos, together with the endless pain I was constantly suffering with, finally convinced me.
One should add that after hundreds of patients treated, I did not find a single record of claim or failure anywhere on the internet.

After arrival to Tallinn and a detailed interview and pre-operative Trigenics preparatory treatment, I went through Dr. Austin Oolo's special procedure.

The result is amazing! It is immediate.
In minutes I found my arm in positions that did not 'exist' at all in the last six month. In only 2 days, the  pain was reduced dramatically.

A true and clear success!

Dr. Austin Oolo is all you want to find in a doctor.
Exceptional knowledge of all details related to frozen shoulder: the physiology, the procedure, risks and side effects. Above all Dr. Oolo is a "Mensch" (a person with fundamental decency, integrity and compassion).

It is not only that I recommend to all those who suffer with frozen shoulder to very seriously consider this treatment, but also call upon their physicians and therapists to be aware of this important breakthrough  treatment.

Most Sincerely,


To whom it may concern,
Please find a testimonial here written from my heart regarding Dr. Allan Austin Oolo.
Since I flew from France to Estonia to have Dr. Oolo perform his OAT frozen shoulder procedure, I had suffered terribly with a “frozen shoulder” for 5 months.
I saw my medical doctor in early July 2013 who ordered scans and x-rays. He sent me to visit a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Great was my disappointment with this “specialist”doctor who diagnosed my condition as “adhesive capsulitis” but could offer no descent solution whatsoever, except for useless injections, physiotherapy and “patience”. Lots and lots of patience because I was told by him that adhesive capsulitis may or may not heal after 2-3 years depending on whether or not the “natural healing” process will engage. My understanding is that if it is left frozen for too long, then some permanent shoulder deterioration or arthritis will develop and I didn’t want that or to be suffering so long in pain and to be debilitated for so long either. My entire livelihood depends on my ability to use my arm as does my quality of life.
Like many, I discovered by myself, the three levels of agony that accompany a frozen shoulder.
1. Pain and disability on the physical level.
2. Pain on the emotional level with depression from the realization that the medical profession cannot offer any cure.
3. Pain on the mental level as I experienced my entire life becoming paralysed and “frozen”.
What I also experienced over a relatively short period with my shoulder frozen is that my entire body began twisting and warping itself as the muscles of the arm and shoulder stopped being used properly thereby creating substantial collateral damage throughout my body. Of course, not a word of concern about these side effect and damage was uttered to me by any medical professionals. As a negative psychological effect often seems to follow a negative physiological effect, my emotional state collapsed as I saw no way out of this…unless I found a way to help myself. I think that it was some “out of the box” thinking that guided my search on the internet to find Dr Allan Austin Oolo. My internet search found only super positive reports on Dr. Austin Oolo’s procedure and it finally gave me hope. In support of my research, it was also my good fortune to personally know an extremely reputable British Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Simon Billings, whose frozen shoulder patients had coincidentally undergone Dr Austin Oolo’s frozen shoulder procedure in Estonia with amazing results! It was Dr. Billings who told me: “Bernard, there is only one person in the world that can cure your frozen shoulder and it is Dr Allan Austin Oolo with his OAT manual capsular dissection procedure. You need to go to see him.”. With this very powerful recommendation, I immediately e-mailed Dr Oolo.
In order to be scheduled for Dr. Oolo’s procedure, my case had to be screened and approved by Dr. Oolo for safety and probable success. After a lot of contact with his clinic, filling in questionnaires, sending reports and X-rays, I was deemed to be a good candidate for his procedure. After the date for my procedure was confirmed, I booked my flight to Estonia immediately.
Dr. Oolo performed the procedure on my frozen shoulder on Oct 29th 2013. His treatment immediately and incredibly freed my shoulder. To my great astonishment I was able to raise my arm all the way up to the ceiling as well as doing push ups one hour after the procedure! It was simply amazing
It has now been a little over a week since I have had my procedure and I have again seen my medical doctor who, aside from being shocked and surprised, said that, as far as he is concerned, my shoulder is cured! In addition, my father saw his urologist today whose best friend is a very well known shoulder surgeon specialist. This surgeon could not believe that a frozen shoulder could be cured so quickly. He wants to know everything about my case and about Dr. Austin Oolo. So it seems the word is spreading about Dr. Oolo and his OAT procedure already here in France!
I can testify that Dr. Oolo’s OAT procedure works incredibly well, that his youtube videos are real and true and that he will free your frozen shoulder as he has done mine. I urge anyone with frozen shoulder to contact him asap as there are no others in the world that can do what he does!
Words like appreciation and gratitude only do partial justice to Dr Oolo and all that he has done for me and all that he will enable you to bring back to yourself in your life.

Sincerely yours,
Bernard Chesneau

P.S: It is my opinion that you are not just healing your shoulder when you go to see Dr. Oolo. You are crossing your life path with one exceptional being. I use the word “exceptional” because it feels to me that Dr Oolo only expresses the highest, most beautiful part of himself when he works with his patients. As such, it is my most sincere belief that, in addition to being a wonderful doctor and true shoulder specialist who can help you, that he also somehow seems to have the ability to elevate his patient’s persona and mental state. I found that he helped rid me of my mental blocks and the “frozen” part of my life as it had stated after a particularly painful divorce. Not only was my shoulder better, but my mental state also immediately improved after seeing him. I know this seems a bit esoterical and philosophical to say but I believe that you will experience the same elevation of your consciousness, when in his presence, so that you can fully benefit from the encounter which will also probably allow the expression of your “most beautiful self” in the process. (I believe that each person’s highest self is that part, of many frozen shoulder sufferers, that may have been suppressed and “frozen” for a long time.) Expressing the most beautiful part of me was impossible, as life had placed too many “monkeys on my shoulders”. For me, seeing Dr Oolo set in motion the release of these stress “monkeys” whereas continuing my previous unsuccessful convention treatments with other doctors and therapists just seemed to feed them more and make me more depressed.


To say Dr. Austin and Trigenics gave me my life back would be an understatement. Having never heard of a frozen shoulder, I was astounded to learn that not only such a horrible infliction existed, but I was smack dab in the middle of the very very painful, very debilitating "freezing" stage. Some days it felt that not only was my life closing in on me, but crumbling all together. With 2 young children and a teenager, and a very healthy active lifestyle, my daily life activities would be brought to a halt. I could no longer safely drive my children in the car. I could not lift them…let alone my arm. And the chronic pain was horrific. I'd take 5 natural childbirths in a row.

My Doctor set me up with a physio clinic and a surgeon. This was getting real, as in my REALity was to me, becoming unbearable. The thought of 2-3 years like this, with no actual guarantee I could be a lucky one to 'unfreeze'. No way.

I did research. And on every single search came up 'Dr. Austin'. I had an appointment to see him 2 days before I was to go in to see the surgeon. THANK GOD for that. I had the frozen shoulder procedure done, and as promised, I left his office that day with my arm, BOTH arms, waving high in the air!

My life is back. Sleep is back. Driving, picking up my kids, exercise, pain free living….laughter.

Thank you Dr. Austin, and your whole incredible team.

Yolanda Campbell

Hi Dr. Austin, It’s hard to explain how thrilled I am that I have regained movement of my arm. I’m still in awe that my shoulder is no longer frozen. Your OAT procedure is really amazing and I wish everyone who suffers from the dreaded frozen shoulder could come to receive it. As a professional singer/actor, I need the use of my arms for performance, as well as for everyday life. Just getting dressed, shaving my armpits, and regular house chores were very difficult. I’m continuing my exercises as recommended. Even though it is tender at times, it’s not same as the pain I had before the treatment. AND I have my full range of motion!
Thanks so much for helping me.

Barbara Mantini

I injured my shoulder lifting weights. Over the period of a few months my range of motion continued to decrease to the point where I could not lift my arm over my head either to the front or to the side. I also couldn't reach back to get my hand in my pocket.

I tried physical therapy, but not only did my shoulder not improve, my pain increased to the point that I was in pain 24 hours a day. I couldn't sleep, and I felt like I couldn't take it any longer. In desperation I began searching the internet for anything I could find that could cure my frozen shoulder. That's how I found the Trigenics Treatment Center and Dr. Austin.

I made an appointment right away and booked my flight to Toronto for a few weeks later.

While I found the actual procedure to be somewhat painful. My range of motion overhead was almost totally restored right away. I faithfully followed the exercise program after the procedure and my shoulder is now very close to 100 percent. I am very happy with the results to say the least.

Danny Fink



Thank God someone told me about Dr. Austin and the Trigenics clinic.

I lived with my frozen shoulder for five months. It was very painful and debilitating. Nothing could make it better, not physiotherapy, chiropractic, or massage. When my physiotherapist pointed out the muscle atrophy, that was the low point for me, really depressing.

That was when I heard about the Dr. Oolo-Austin Frozen Shoulder Procedure, and luckily it was a very trusted advisor who told me about it. Otherwise, I might have dismissed it as “too good to be true.” Fixed in one short procedure? Non-surgical? Yeah, right.

But the claim “fixed in a one minute procedure” was true! OK, it might have been five minutes, but I had my shoulder back that very day! I had nearly 100% range of motion, and with the exercises, it kept getting better and better.

I can hardly imagine the pain and restriction anymore, except to never ever want it back again.

All I can say is, if you have a frozen shoulder, run, don’t walk, to the Trigenics World Frozen Shoulder in Toronto.

Thank you, Dr. Austin!

Babs Smith, CEO - The Strategic Coach Inc.



My name is Gail Ferguson.  In 2007 I injured my shoulder in an accident and, as a result, I could no longer lift my arm above shoulder level. Any attempt to do so, would cause excruciating pain. I went to physiotherapy for about 3 months but, rather than improve, it actually got progressively worse.

I decided to go to a well known acupuncturist but this also did not help. To my great dismay, my shoulder stiffness and pain still continued to get worse and it finally got to the point that I could literally only move my arm sideways a few inches away from my body!

By this point I had effectively lost the use of my right arm and my quality of life was terrible!  The physiotherapists had diagnosed me with a “frozen shoulder” and following my own corroborative research, it was quite evident that I was indeed suffering from this terrible affliction. I was in pain all the time, unable to sleep and unable to simply function as a normal human being. The condition seemed to be getting progressively worse and was not responding to any treatment. In fact, the treatments themselves were very painful and even seemed to be aggravating my shoulder. I was depressed and desperate for help.

I met a person who told me of a professional tennis player he knew who was scheduled for surgery but the surgery was cancelled as a Trigenics treatment solved the problem. I looked up Trigenics on the internet and discovered that the founder, Dr. Allan Oolo Austin was actually in the same city as me, Toronto. Unfortunately, I also discovered that he spends a considerable amount of time travelling around the world teaching doctors and therapists the Trigenics method of neurological muscle balance assessment and treatment. As such, he was not in Toronto often.  By the time I was able to get an appointment to see Dr.Austin, I had lost most of the muscle on my shoulder blade and was in a terribly desperate situation.

Dr. Austin examined me and confirmed my diagnosis of frozen shoulder which he informed me is actually called “adhesive capsulitis”. He then told me that in this particular case, Trigenics myoneural treatments could help me but it would take 6-12 weeks of treatment and that the treatments would be somewhat painful. (This is still quite amazing as frozen shoulder is clearly documented to take at least 18-24 months with other treatments.) As it turned out, Dr. Oolo Austin informed me that he had developed a re-mobilization procedure for frozen shoulder. He told me that his procedure had been successful in restoring most, if not all, of the movement ability in dozens of frozen shoulder patients and that he felt it would probably be of benefit to me. I elected to have the procedure done and have never looked back!

I was absolutely amazed at the speed of the procedure and how quickly I was able to regain the ability to raise my arm up again within minutes. By the second treatment I could lift my arm above my head vertically with almost no pain!  I was also able to use it again easily in all of the ways I had lost and I was able to function again normally as a human being. I was thanking God that my quality of life had finally returned. This was just truly amazing!

Following the procedure, which is called the “Oolo-Austin Frozen Shoulder Recovery Procedure”, I had to rebuild my shoulder muscles with follow up rehabilitation treatments and Trigenics muscle neurology exercises and today I have my arm back in full perfect use!

I am so grateful for this incredible treatment! The people at the Trigenics Physio-rehab Centre and World Shoulder Clinic were so supportive! It was absolutely the most incredible medical experience I have ever had. No question! I shutter to think of what could have happened to my arm and my life without this wonderful intervention. The results were nothing short of miraculous and I hope that anyone else suffering with the terrible frozen shoulder condition consider Dr. Oolo-Austin’s procedure!!  
Gail Ferguson


 Dear Dr. Austin, 

For the past 3 years, I experienced recurring pain in my right hip. Cortisone shots and the opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon offered no relief.  In the fall of 2002, the pain returned and this time stayed.  I couldn’t perform even the simple things of life.  Sitting down was no problem, but standing became impossible. Then, I remembered how you had put my wife back on her feet from a wheelchair during the past summer.  Thanks to you and Trigenics, I am back to normal and enjoying life again. 

Thank you  Dr. Austin and staff for a successful treatment.

Harold J. Walker


Dear Dr. King,
I just want to thank you for your treatment of my Plantar Fasciitis.
I had got the special shoe inserts designed for this condition, which helped a little bit. But the pain was so excruciating I could not do any physical activities, including swimming.
After the first treatment I was able to walk home from the bus stop. After 4 treatments I could start walking my dogs a gain. My housework is no longer behind, and I am not scared to stand on my feet anymore. One other benefit is the weight loss I am experiencing since I can once again do physical activities.
I am just like a kid in a candy store with all the activities I could not do before because of the pain.
Once again thank you for giving me another chance at living a life pain free.
Forever grateful,
Janette Chong

I tried chiro, massage, physio, everything! Trigenics® is the only thing that's worked.

Edie Pierce, BSc, PT.


I had been suffering from a herniated disc and spinal stenosis, which caused pressure on the nerves in my lower spine. This crippled me to the point that I could not sit for more than a few seconds and was in constant severe pain. After no results through seeing a Neurosurgeon, Chiropractor and Massage Therapist, Trigenics® was my last hope. Trigenics® has been so tremendous that I am now able to work a full day again and actually enjoy my life.  If you are in pain with no hope in sight, I recommend Trigenics. It is a miracle treatment!!

Celine Almemo, CAN




Diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rotational Scoliosis, I was extremely stiff and in constant pain. Spinal manipulation was impossible to perform and caused more pain. The only treatment which helped mobilize my spine and completely alleviated my symptoms was Trigenics. Thank-God for Trigenics!  
Maria Amodio




I had been having severe daily headaches for the past 12 years. I have seen several neurologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other therapists. None were able to help my headaches and neck pain. After only 3 treatments of Trigenics, my headaches completely subsided! I couldn’t believe that I had no pain!! Receiving a Trigenics® is well worth driving for 20 hours to and from Kapuskasing for me. I hope that anyone suffering like I was will turn to this God-send of a therapy.   
Donald Smith, Kapuskasing,



This patient was unable to lift his arm for 3 months following shoulder replacement surgery. Cortisone and physiotherapy did nothing to improve his inability to move his arm. The picture on the left shows the patient attempting to lift his arm but unable to do so. The picture on the right shows the patient 5 minutes later after his first Trigenics® treatment, now able to lift his arm for the first time since surgery. Trigenics® myoneural reactivation and strengthening procedures were used following a standard Trigenics® assessment of the shoulder.



“I had suffered with extreme pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia for over 2 years. After visits to the E.N.T. Specialist, Neurologist, Rheumatologist, Acupuncturist, Physiotherapist, Oral Surgeon and a Neurosurgeon, who did a nerve block, I was getting little relief from the pain. Then luckily I found Trigenics. I am now able to talk, eat and work with little or no discomfort and am finally able to cut down on my long list of medications. Trigenics® is working for me and I highly recommend it!”
Rita Young, Toronto, CAN


The picture below shows a Trigenics® treatment being applied
to an infant with infantile torticollis. The infant was flown from 
Manitoba to Ontario for treatment. The "before treatment"
picture shows the infant prior to the treatment looking to the
left, attempting to turn his head but unable to do so. The infant
was flown from Manitoba to Ontario for treatment. 
The "after Trigenics" treatment shows the Infant after the first  treatment able to fully rotate for the first time since birth despite many attempts by other health practitioners to correct the condition.



“I have been having pain in my left ankle since 1985. With only 2 TRIGENICS treatments my pain has disappeared!

TRIGENICS is the most amazing treatment I have ever had and works where all else have failed.”
Hannelore Matthews, ON, CAN



“I have suffered for years with carpal tunnel syndrome.  After only one Trigenics® manipulation, my arm and wrist feel 100% better!!”  
Debbie Dornin, Flight Attendant, US Air, Pittsburgh, PA, USA



“I suffer from extremely severe lower back pain due to bulging discs’ L4-5-S1.  I have been in and out of hospitals;

 I have received steroid injections in my spine. None of these treatments helped me.  With TRIGENICS I have had incredible relief from unbearable pain.”
Joe Goncalves, Toronto, CA



"I have suffered from painful acute elbow tendonitis for 4 months. After having numerous treatments of ultra-sound, massage, physiotherapy and icing, I was still getting no relief.

After just 2 TRIGENICS treatments the pain decreased dramatically!!"  

Katherine Hogewerf, Wardrobe designer, Vancouver B.C. 



"I suffer daily with fibromyalgia, severe muscle spasm and pain. Thanks to the amazing TRIGENICS treatment, I have had tremendous relief!!" 
Sandy Maclean, ON, CAN


"Thanks for the treatment with Trigenics. It was well worth the thousand-mile journey from Nova Scotia. It feels great to be mobile again after four years of pain and misery. I’ve been through all the regular medical channels such as family doctors, neurospecialists, and many different physiotherapy clinics but no success. You have achieved in 9 days of Trigenics® what has not been possible with four years of traditional medicine, what more can I say."
Francis Hawley, Teacher, Nova Scotia, CAN


“One TRIGENICS treatment, gave me mobility that I had not experienced in many years!”
Jane Gitlin, P.T., Physiotherapist, Sugarloaf Key, Florida, USA

“I’ve had facial numbness for the past few months.  After one Trigenics® treatment, I can feel my face again!!
This treatment is PRICELESS!” 
Dr. Bruce Salzinger, BSc., DC Atlanta, Georgia

FOOT PAIN - Plantar Fasciitis

"TRIGENICS brought my crippling foot pain to a halt. I consulted with specialists in both England and North America over 2 years. Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, none provided me with any relief. The word on Trigenics® must be spread!!" 
Denise Gordon, London, England


My foot pain was so unbearable that I could hardly walk. With only one TRIGENICS treatment I was completely pain free! It was like a miracle!!” 
Etelka Kota, ON, CAN  



 "Your TRIGENICS technique has worked wonders with my previously tight and extremely sore hip joint.

Nothing else ever seemed to help."
Wayne Rhodes, Ph.D., C.P.E. (Ergonomist) 



"After incurring trauma to my left knee, I was in severe constant pain. I saw 2 prominent orthopaedic surgeons and sports injuries specialists but no one could help. With TRIGENIC treatment, I experienced immediate long lasting relief!!"
Phyllis Fine, Stowe, Vermont, U.S.A.    



"Following months of treatments from various practitioners for lower back pain, I was still in

extreme discomfort. After only a few very short Trigenics® treatments, I was, and remain, pain free!

 All I can say is thank you." 
Seaton McLean, President, Alliance Atlantis Motion Pictures



"My neck was broken 12 years ago. Since then, I have been suffering with severe chronic neck and head pain as well as excruciating migraine headaches. I was on strong painkillers (Tylenol 3) daily. After only one TRIGENICS treatment,

I have been pain free and no codeine!! Amazing!!!" 
Robyn Boasie, ON, CAN



"My neck was so stiff, I was unable to sleep after a performance. TRIGENICS gave me

tremendous immediate relief" 
Tera DeSalvo, NBA "Orlando Magic" Dancers,
Orlando, FLA 


“The cumulative benefit of 10 weeks of Trigenics® treatments with Dr. Austin has dramatically reduced the severe chronic pain I have experienced for ten years as a result of debilitating hip osteoarthritis. Trigenics® has now enabled me to discard the cane I had needed to walk.”   
Jane Karpenko, Toronto, CAN


I have been an extreme sufferer of PMS which includes severe pain, major swelling of the lower body and heavy bleeding caused by several miscarriages and entopic pregnancy. Strong anti-inflammatory drugs did nothing to help my discomfort. You treated me with Trigenics® while these symptoms were at their peak. I left with an exhilarated sensation and major relief during the treatment. Amazingly, about 40 minutes after the treatment, the symptoms entirely disappeared. I highly recommend this most effective and powerful treatment to all women who suffer PMS. Thank you so much for the gift of relief.
Lucie Porter, ON, CAN



"Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have undergone Homeopathy, Shiatsu, Diets, Nutritionals, Chemotherapy, Methotrexate, etc. to help arrest this disease and alleviate its symptoms…After my first Trigenics® treatment, I immediately felt better. Thank-you!" 
Donna Murrant, ON, CAN


I separated my shoulder in an cycling accident 13 years ago and, since then, I have had intense right shoulder pain when I cycle for more than an hour. After only one Trigenics® treatment from Dr Austin, i cycled pain free for 3 weeks! Now I look forward to future Trigenics® treatments and the end of pain I thought I would never get rid of.
Dr Paige Morgenthal, Dc, Ms
Professor And Department Chair, Chiropractic Procedures, Southern California University Of Health Sciences

I had received chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments for 3-4 months for my frozen shoulder with little improvement. 

I was amazed with my 80% improvement after only 2 Trigenics® treatments!! Trigenics® worked after all else failed!!  
Rieko Milini, Innisvale, Queensland, Australia


“Trigenics® substantially improved my shoulder tendonitis condition in minutes! Golfing is a joy again!”
Bill Bowyer, IT specialist, Newark, New Jersey, USA




I had been having severe daily headaches for the past 12 years. I have seen several neurologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other therapists. None were able to help my headaches and neck pain. After only 3 treatments of Trigenics, my headaches completely subsided! I couldn’t believe that I had no pain!! Receiving a Trigenics® is well worth driving for 20 hours to and from Kapuskasing for me. I hope that anyone suffering like I was will turn to this God-send of a therapy.  
Donald Smith, Kapuskasing,