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“A patient came to my clinic still suffering terribly with neck and shoulder pain after 2 failed neck surgeries, and both shoulders frozen. After performing the Trigenics® Non-Surgical Operation© bilaterally for frozen shoulder impingement and with the Trigenics Special Neck Procedure, she regained 100% range of motion in her shoulders and her pain immediately decreased by 70% in her neck. I only saw the patient three times and was able to command a fee for services much greater than what they would have paid for months of treatment.”
Dr. Andy Barlow, Tupelo, MS, USA

“I have had the opportunity to help several patients with the Trigenics® shoulder non-surgical operation© with great success. My very first operation provided a professional fee commensurate with the great value in results which the patient received.”
Dr. Karl Johnson, Shelby Township, MI, USA

“Since learning the Trigenics® Frozen Shoulder Non-Surgical Operation©, I have been easily able to resolve complex and difficult cases which no one else could cure. With my newfound confidence to achieve consistent remarkable results, I have appropriately charged for the big results gained rather than for the small amount of time I spend conducting the procedure. Incredible!”
Dr. Ian Hollaman, Boulder, CO, USA

“I am getting better results with the Trigenics® Knee Non-surgical operation©, than any other treatment I have every used. Trigenics is bringing in a huge number of referrals who are all ready to accept and pay for my new, quite substantial, case-fee recommendations. As a result, I am now making more with Trigenics than I ever have before. More income for less time than I ever thought possible.”
Dr. Scott Stiffey, Palmyra, MO, USA

“Performing the Trigenics Special Procedure for knee conditions (aka a“Trigenics® Non-Surgical Operation©”) in my clinic has revolutionized my practice to get to an ultimate level of care and income. I see the incredible financial success which I have attained with Trigenics® as the bonus.”
Dr. Michele Askar, Aliquippa, PA, USA

“As a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years, I have used many of the most popular techniques to help patients but absolutely nothing has worked as well, or as fast, as Trigenics®. Not even close. Giving me the knowledge and full confidence of getting excellent outcomes, the Trigenics non-surgical operations© have enabled me to collect fees that only a surgeon could command. There is no question that Trigenics® is facilitating my practice to reach new, unheard of levels of success.”
Dr. Tim Parah, Issaquah, WA, USA


"I've been to many seminars, and trigenics is really the one that made the biggest change in my practice. It's not just a new technique to add on to your skills. It's a whole system that helps you look for the cause of the problem, and then it helps you figure out what type of treatment you need to solve the problem. I used to treat a short muscle the same way I treated a weak one, it totally changed with trigenics. This system
is based on bringing the neurology to function properly, as a chiropractor, this fits in my model perfectly. "

Raymond Poitras, DC

"Having experianced the benefits of the Trigenics system, I recommend that Chiropractors and therapists become trained in this neurologically-based treatment system, as an important and very effective adjunct to traditional Chiropractic assessment and treatment

Dr. James Meschino, MSc, DC, ND
Professor, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College


Hi Dr Austin,

Been busy putting into practice the new techniques you gave us in Sydney . Both my patients and I are very grateful to you. I have one young BMX rider who injured his knee and has been performing poorly for 18/12 to 2 years. I came home and he had fallen off a skateboard so came in for RX. To cut a long story short 2 Rxs of Trigenics with a small amount of kinesio tape to compliment what we had worked on , and he is rapidly climbing up the ladder again with his BMX division. His coached mentioned last week that he has never been as quick out of the starting block in the last 18/12, 2 hours after his first Trigenics Rx, he usually handles 4 races over a weekend, last weekend he did 13! And there are more success stories but he is my most exciting.

Kind regards,
Linley Leuthard

Dip Phty. M.N.Z.S.P, Reg. Physio. Acupuncturist
Registered Trigenics Practitioner
C.K.T.P. (Certified International Kinesio Tape Practitioner)
Trained Lymphoedema Therapist

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Trigenics® is a unique treatment which provides results when many other treatments have failed
Dr E. S. Silver, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Trigenics® is much more effective and a great alternative to other forms of manual medicine and manipulation.
Dr. Leah Watson, MD, Toronto, ON, Canada

"Trigenics® technique is every manual therapy I've ever experienced all rolled into one. The combination of an Eastern acupressure approach with Western soft tissue manipulation has yielded immediate results that are both gratifying and encouraging. I have lived with pain and spasm for years without hope of lasting improvement. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm glad you are undertaking the incredible effort involved to teach this technique to a broad range of doctors and therapists. Many patients will certainly benefit.
Dr. David Perley MD, LAc, CCFP, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Toronto

I separated my right shoulder in a cycling accident 13 years ago and have since then had intense right shoulder pain when I cycle for more than 1 hour. After one Trigenics® treatment form Dr. Austin, I cycled pain free for three weeks. Now I look forward to future Trigenics® treatments and the end of pain I thought I would never get rid of.
Dr Paige Morgenthal, Dc, Ms
Professor And Department Chair, Chiropractic Procedures, Southern California University Of Health Sciences

“A revolutionary biorheology system that will be in the vanguard of mechanical healing applications and athletic performance enhancement for years to come.”

Dr. Richard Shaker, D.C., C.C.S.P., C.S.C.S., C.C.R.D.


"I have not found any comparative soft tissue technique to date that offers such simplicity in its application, painless delivery and patient compliance. Because of the astoundingly rapid results, simply using Trigenics® has become my main practice builder. Patient referrals are automatic. The Trigenics® course has huge value to all manual practitioners."

Dr. Seymour Pisarek, BSc, DC, RTP, FIIT(c), Toronto, Ontario

“One Trigenics® treatment on my chronic right shoulder gave me immediate relief!!”

Dr. Sandra Hartwell, DC, ART, Clinician/Instructor, New York Chiropractic College, USA