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Here are some of the TREATMENT BENEFITS you will learn how to deliver in the REGISTERED TRIGENICS  PRACTITIONER Course:

  • Restoration and normalization of causative functional neurology for optimum sensorimotor control of movement

  • Applicable and highly effective for post injury rehabilitation in early and later stages.  Achieve earlier pre-accident status and return to work dates for your patients.

  • Instant and cumulative muscle muscle strength or length augmentation for athletic performance enhancement applications. Objectively increase any athletes speed , power and performance. Personal best will be achieved!

  • Trigenics is versatile and can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions.  It is not limited to musculotendinous inflammatory or adhesive conditions.

  • Due to underlying neurophysiology and application procedures, Trigenics® is a safe and comfortable treatment for the doctor and the patient.

  • Specific applications can be used as a "no-force" manipulation technique which presents an excellent alternative to cervical or lumber high force manipulation.

  • Effective for treating all age groups including paediatrics and geriatrics.

  • Excellent results for musculoskeletal treatment of neurological conditions, stroke rehab etc.

  • Effective to directly treat acute injuries for immediate pain and inflammation reduction as well as faster functional restoration.

  • Applicable for adjunctive care as an exercise system for patients in rehab or between treatments.



  • Trigeminal Neuralgia,

  • Disc Herniation

  • Infantile Torticollis,

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Hip/shoulder replacement post surgery


Doctors at Vancouver
course practicing Trigenics.

Dr. Rob Boulaine, DC, RTP, CPTI, 
instructing at a Trigenics® course



INCORPORATE Trigenics® as your core differentiator. Gain a new referral base from patients who have already tried every other discipline. Distinguish yourself and your practice from all others and enrol in the RTP course today!

Other Doctors Say......

What I like about Trigenics® for chiropractic students, is that it has really wonderful assessment procedures to really galvanize their knowledge of anatomy and neurology and for practitioners, it is a very intriguing, effective way of treating patients from an integrative point of view. In addition, Trigenics® is a very easy treatment to apply and a very comfortable treatment for the patient. Basically, Trigenics® myoneural medicine enhances everything chiropractors do
Dr Paige Morgenthal, Dc, Ms
Professor And Department Chair, Chiropractic Procedures, Southern California University Of Health Sciences

Trigenics® program testimonials (from course participants)“The knowledge I have gained in taking the Trigenics® program has dramatically improved my results and my income. highly recommend the Trigenics course to all manual medicine practitioners!” 
Dr. Mark Train, BSc, DC, RTP, FIIT, Toronto, CAN 

The Trigenics® RTP course is a must for all doctors looking to attain near unbelievable results by providing their patients with the most advanced and effective neurologically based soft tissue/myofascial treatment and performance enhancement system currently available.
Dr. Clayton Gibson III, BS, MSA, D.C., CCEP, CSCS, PES, RTP, CCSP, Georgia, USA

 “Trigenics® course is the most in depth and practical course available that I have taken. More than just another technique. It is going to revolutionize my practice.”
Dr. Robert Bouliane, Windsor, CAN

 For Physiotherapists, Trigenics® adds many aspects of neuro-muscular medicine concepts and applications for significantly increased results and treatment success. A great “Plus” for the business side of physiotherapyprocedures as well!
Line Troster, RPT, RTP, Toronto, CAN

 “The Trigenics® course sets a new standard for quality and applicability. I didn’t need to wait for Monday morning to start using the ideas presented to me, they were already making difference on the first day of the course.”
Dr. David Gryfe DC, DAc, FCCSS(C) Toronto, CAN  

Information given at the Trigenics® course in Australia was powerful. Results were immediately attainable both subjectively and objectively.
Dr. Leigh Powers, BSc, Grad DC, MchiroSc, RTP, New South Wales, Australia

  “I have not found any comparative soft tissue technique to date that offers such simplicity in its application, painless delivery and patient compliance. Because of the astoundingly rapid results, simply using Trigenics® has become my main practice builder. Patient referrals are automatic. The Trigenics® course has huge value to all manual practitioners.”
Dr. Seymour Pisarek, BSc, DC, RTP, FIIT, Toronto, CAN

 “The Trigenics® seminar is one of the best seminars I have attended in 20 years. I greatly enjoyed learning from Dr. Austin in the Trigenics® seminars and appreciated the relief I received in my own body as well.”
Dr. Doug Nilsson, M.A., D.C., Stettler, Alberta, Canada

 “Trigenics® is the missing link in mind—body medicine that everyone has been looking for! I have used other soft—tissue techniques in my practice, but Trigenics® gives me better results BY FAR. There’s nothing like it! Once you start using Trigenics, you’ll wonder how you ever ‘got by’ using any of the other manual treatment methods!”
Dr. Christian Guenette, DC, RTP, Vancouver, CAN

 “I was very excited that I was able apply what I learned at the Trigenics® seminar immediately. A whiplash patient with whom I had been working extensively using massage and acupuncture, expressed significant improvement even after one Trigenics® treatment. Trigenics® is fantastic modality, your patients will love it.”
Dr. John Yim, RMT, ND, Nanaimo, British Columbia, CAN

 The Australian Trigenics® course was very enjoyable and professionally presented. Results were great and incomparable to any other manual soft tissue treatments. Tissue did actually melt! Overall a great seminar and a fantastic opportunity to be part of the worldwide TRIGENICS movement.
Jamie Bennett, RMT, RTP, Sydney Australia 

“The Trigenics® program was exceedingly interesting and innovative and the techniques are phenomenally effective and invaluable. Using Trigenics, I can now accomplish more in ten minutes than what it used to take an hour of massage therapy to do!! I would highly recommend the Trigenics® course to anyone who is interested in learning a new and amazingly effective soft tissue and meridian treatment system.”
Kari Richards, BA, RMT, RTP, Toronto, CAN

 “As a Certified Shiatsu Therapist, I recognize the fantastic potential Trigenics® fulfills by reducing joint and soft tissue pain and restoring function in a very short time. Most importantly, the unique patient-practitioner interaction in Trigenics® hugely accelerates the healing process and thus places Trigenics® on the leading edge of necessary and important modalities.”   
Peeter L. Sild, BSc, CST, RTP, Toronto CAN

 “Trigenics® is definitely revolutionary and superior to any other method of tissue release I have come across. I found the course to be enlightening and educational, and would highly recommend it to any of my colleagues wishing to expand their knowledge and their ability to help their patients.” 
Sarina Valenti-Fantin, CK, RMT, RTP, Toronto, CAN

 “Trigenics® is a fabulous and incredible therapy. It, by far, surpasses all others that I have tried. I have achieved results, in minutes, which I have never been able to achieve with hours of massage therapy. I believe the Trigenics® course to be a must for all therapists wishing to stay current in the new Millennium!”
Gail C. Tracey, RMT, RTP, Brampton, CAN

“I have taken many “post-graduate” courses of the past 18 years and I would not hesitate to recommend Trigenics. It is by far, the most thorough, effective, comprehensive and integrated manual myoneural treatment procedure I have ever undertaken. I sincerely believe Trigenics® is on the leading edge of effective treatments for the resolution of soft tissue conditions.”
Susan C. Bentley, B.A., R.M.T.,

“In all of the lectures, programs & seminars I have taken, none have given me as much theoretical and practical information. The course enabled me to take Trigenics® back to my clinic and witness astounding results. The treatment protocols worked immediately with little exertion on my part and with little discomfort to my patients.”
Dr. Phil McAllister, D.C. Guelph, Ontario

 “Great technique great presenters. They are all genuinely excited about practicing and teaching Trigencis.”
Dr. Paul DuPerrouzel, D.C., Toronto, Ontario