Trigenics® Courses

trigenics courses

Trigenics® Courses


Trigenics® courses teach doctors and other health practitioners the Trigenics® neurological muscle assessment, treatment, and retraining system.

Trigenics® is primarily used by specially trained manual medicine physicians such as osteopathic and chiropractic doctors as well as physiotherapists and elite licensed massage therapists. Personal fitness or athletic trainers as well as professional coaches also use specific variations of Trigenics® for  comprehensive muscular activity assessments and/or correction of imbalanced pull patterns and biomechanics as well as neurokinetic retraining. Trigenics® myoneural exercises are prescribed by Trigenics® practitioners and trainers in accordance with each client’s or patient’s individual specific requirements. Athletes receiving Trigenics® immediately prior or during training or competition also experience instantaneous increases in strength and flexibility for immediate enhanced performance. Doctors, therapists, and trainers often work together as a team on client or patient cases to provide full comprehensive treatment, training, rehabilitation, and performance augmentation care.

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