CTT® Theory Manual

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CTT® Theory Manual

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This CTT® (Certified Trigenics Therapist/Trainer) manual describes the theory behind Trigenics® in the context of sports and muscle augmentation as well as injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.

CTT® courses and materials are designed for kinesiologists, yoga and pilates instructors, qualified and advanced personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength coaches, sport coaches, and health practitioner rehabilitation specialists.

RTP® (Registered Trigenics® Practitioner) courses and materials are designed for DCs, MDs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, licensed massage therapists, and manual medicine health practitioners.

CTT® is bimodal in that it uses TWO components: muscle nerve-sensor stimulation and biofeedback breathing.

RTP® is trimodal in that it uses THREE components: muscle nerve-sensor stimulation, biofeedback breathing, and resistive exercise neurology.